What’s your raisin for celebration?

Vishaka Raisins- we process, package and provide a variety of raisins to the world. Because when it comes to celebrations, we have the best seasoning.

We are located in the picturesque city of Nashik that is blessed with the perfect weather for grape production. As a raisin producing company, we believe in serving our customers with utmost care and that is why we have all our focus centered on only the best varieties of raisins.


Years Experience


Country Export

We just don’t make raisins
we raise raisins.

We are committed, sincere and passionate about what we do and
our long stint in the industry is a testimony to this.

Grow Naturally

Conducting surveillance in these areas in response to avian influenza being detected in local poultry and emu farms to stop its spread.

Field is Futures

We host a series of webinars to assist landholders with animal nutrition, farm water and soil management in Central and East Gippsland.

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