About Us

A Leader in Production and Supply of World-class Raisins.

Having been in the  business for about 40 years now, at Vishaka Raisins we know how a smooth sailing trading company runs. At all our facilities at the site, we have employed a highly skilled team, be it the processing plant, the packaging centre or the storage warehouse. We have gone above and beyond to tackle the challenges of functioning in an agricultural market and we are proud to say that our management knows how everything works inside-out.  

In 1985, Vishaka Raisins began its journey as a raisin trading company. The owners of the company- Mr.Paresh Chordiya and Mr.Rupesh Chordiya set a goal to cater to the global demand of raisins and with sincere efforts, they were able to achieve that and much more.  

We are an internationally recognised company that procure, process, produce and export premium quality raisins. Our raw material is sourced from the best grape farms in India and then these fresh grape fruits are brought to our world-class site in Nashik, Maharashtra. Our site location is blessed with a beautiful weather and a well-connected transport system.  


Customer Commitment

We work to develop relationships that help us form positive customer-company associations.



We uphold our promise to perform all our tasks with utmost honesty at all levels of operation.



We work together, across borders, to meet the needs of our customer base and to deliver with efficiency.


Winning Partnership

We view our trade partners as equal allies in serving our stakeholders. Therefore, our partners always benefit upon working with us.

Our Qualities

Vishaka Raisins’ long run is a result of the continuous commendable work we have been doing. All our customers across the world have only appreciated our supplies and this has enabled us to build fruitful relationships. The orders we receive are responded to effectively and all are deliveries are of premium standard as well. We have a well-trained team that adopts transparent measures to ensure authenticity at all levels of operation. Alongside this, our staff members can attend to all queries in a prompt and courteous manner.

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