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For over 40 years, Vishaka Raisins has led the industry with premium quality and dedicated service. Founded in 1985, our commitment to superior sourcing, processing, and export remains unwavering. Trust Vishaka Raisins for the finest raisins, crafted with care and expertise.

Raising standards since '85. Trust Vishaka Raisins for quality that speaks for itself
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At Vishaka Raisins, we prioritize natural goodness, ensuring that each raisin embodies the essence of pure, sun-ripened grapes. With 100% ISO certification, you can trust that every raisin meets the highest standards of excellence and safety.

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    Pure Natural Raisins
    Pure, natural, premium quality, sourced sustainably, preserving authentic flavor
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    100% ISO Certification
    Rest assured, every raisin meets rigorous standards for quality and safety
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