By April 8, 2021

Raisin is nothing but dried grapes. Raisins are processed by sun drying and tray drying several differing types of grapes. they’re small and sweetly flavored with a wrinkled texture. The word raisin springs from Latin racemose, which suggests cluster of grapes or berries. Raisin contains many nutrition value and medicinal properties like fiber, vitamins and minerals, they boost our iron level and keep our bones strong.

Indian Raisins

Indian Raisins are available in several size and colors . they have a flavor almost just like the grapes from which they’re made, but the drying process which creates them concentrates the number of sugar making them taste much sweeter. Raisins exporter from India because it’s the best for the snacks and really demanding. They even have many vitamins like vitamin C , B-complex vitamin – 6, pantothenol etc.

The only staple for creating raisins is grapes. In India raisin are mainly grown in Nashik, Sangli, Solapur in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Like India it is also growing in countries like USA, Turkey and South Africa are the foremost important raisin producer countries. These grapes must have certain qualities so on supply quality raisins. for instance , they have to ripen early and be easy to dry. Additionally, they have to possess a soft texture, not stick together when stored, have no seeds, and have a satisfying flavor. It Care is taken the last word product comprises of juicy and fully matured berries.

Raisins are one of the foremost sought-after items utilized within the confectionery. Vishaka Raisins is the one of the best raisins manufactuer processor and exporter in india who can source the products from Nasik and Sangli regions of Maharashtra. Also trade two kinds of raisins namely Golden /yellow raisin utilized in sweets and Malayar. A raisin which is brown in color and is used in bakery products.

Global raisin production for 2018/19 is forecast to rebound 5% to 1.2 million metric tons (tons) as gains in Iran, the us , and China quite offset lower output in Turkey. the method of grapes to raisin contains many steps and efforts like Harvesting, Drying, washing, drying, storage and packing etc.
Considering this, Indian raisins have an outsized opportunity to be demanded within the foreign market and exports are often initiated for an equivalent .

We are Vishaka Raisins are the one of the finest Raisin traders and exporters and manufacturer from the India from many years. We know in market for out best quality and competitive prices for our agriculture product. We supply many types of raisin like :

  1. Malayar Raisins [الزبيب المالايار, Maleisische rozijnen, Groene rozijn, Малаярский изюм, Pasas de uva malaya]
  2. Golden Nashik Raisins [الزبيب الذهبي / الأصفر , gouden/gele rozijn, золотой / желтый изюм, pasas doradas / amarillas ]
  3. Black Raisins [أسود براون الزبيب , Zwartbruine rozijn , Черный коричневый изюм , Pasas marron negro]
  4. Sangli Golden Raisin [الزبيب الذهبي سانجلي , gouden/gele rozijn, Сангли Золотой изюм, pasas doradas / amarillas   ]
  5. Brown Raisins[ أسود براون الزبيب, زبيب الملاير , Zwartbruine rozijn , Черный коричневый изюм, Pasas marron negro ]
  6. Green Raisins [الزبيب الأخضر,Groene rozijn,Зеленый изюм,Pasas verdes]
  7. Birdfeed Raisins [الزبيب,BirdFeed Rozijnen, Корм для птиц изюм, Pasas para alimentación de aves]
  8. Industrial Raisins [زبيب صناعي, Industriële rozijnen, Промышленный изюм, Pasas Industriales]