By May 18, 2021

Raisins Industries in India

Raisin are handled by sun drying and plate drying a few unique kinds of grapes. They are little and pleasantly seasoned with a wrinkled surface. Raisins Industries, Indian Raisins are accessible in various size and tones. They have flavor like the grapes from which they are made, however drying measure which make them focuses the measure of sugar making them taste a lot better. They are a normally steady food and oppose decay because of their low dampness and low PH.

In India grapes are cultivated in various regions like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and in northern-western states on India. Maharashtra is consider as the biggest cultivator of grapes and producer of raisins. The only raw material required to manufacture raisins is grapes. And centrally located in Maharashtra Vishaka Raisins provide world class quality of raisins to the global market.

Raisins Industries

Established in the year of 1985 our only motto is to strengthening global export of quality raisins. We offer various types of raisins, Malayar Raisins, Nashik Golden Raisins, Black Raisins, Sangli Raisins, Brown Raisins, Green Raisins, Birdfeed Raisins, and Industrial Raisins. Our products are widely known for its quality, freshness, excellent source of nutrients, medicinal value, purity, and rich taste. The expertise workforce of Vishaka Raisins always take care of all the factors which can role play in improvising our quality.

Raisins from India have a lot of potential in the international market, and exports can be started for them. Vishaka Raisins, as the chosen supplier of raisins, delivers the highest quality raisins to markets all over the world. Vishaka Raisins is the place to go if you want to buy Indian raisins in bulk.