By February 15, 2022

At Vishaka Raisins, we manufacture and process raisins for exporting to various countries like, U.S.A, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Vietnam, Ukraine, Malaysia, Russia, Iraq, Morocco, and Sri Lanka as well as other European countries. We process Golden Nashik, Malayar, Brown, Green, Sangli, Black and also Birdfeed raisins.

Raisins are widely used around the world either as fruits or cultural cooking, specially as deserts or add-on as deserts. But very few are aware that Raisin can also be good food for birds, wild-bird and even for pet birds. There are Many types of bird who prefers specific types of raisins such as sultanas and currants, which are particularly enjoyed by blackbirds, song thrushes and robins.

As a caution,
Raisins are not preferred for other domestic pets like dogs and cats so just to make caution information. While birds love this type of dried fruit and it is beneficial to variety of reasons. One of the reasons is the nutrition which helps birds during wintertime when other food sources are scarce.

Wild-birds and Raisins:
Insects are the primary food for most of the wild-bird species, however the fruit is favorite for many of them birds as raisins is considered to be the dried grapes. As the pet birds or garden birds are also related to wild-birds so the raisins are also eaten with pleasure by waxwings, starlings, robins, and many other species of birds.

Raisins is excellence source of minerals and vitamins as they are high in sugar and that helps birds with their needed energy to survive in winters. So to feed raisins into the winter seasons to complete their nutrition and to maintain the body heat which again help them in their day to day activities and specially flying.

How you should feed raisins to birds:

When you give wild or garden birds raisins as a food, you should be careful feeding them in the right quantity and in right ways. As too much of raisins can harm them, as it can cause digestive problems. Preferred way is to moisten them, boil or mix with other seeds and make a soft cake. that provides them much needed nutrition and taste together.