By September 19, 2022

Everybody has a journey, every living thing, even our fruits and plants like the sweet and juicy finger-fruit grapes and do you know what does this journey look like? Yes, we all know that grapes grow on vineyards. But are you aware of the process through which these grape fruits are harvested on farms? Well, let’s find out today and discover the work that goes behind making these raisins from India.  

Harvesting of grapes 

The raisin production in India is a rather elongated process as preparing the vineyards takes a long time. Beginning with grapefruits, these take about thirty to seventy days to fully flower. But this is only after the vineyards are ready to hold the fruits. Grapes generally grow in bunches and require regular watering in the first two years from the time they are sown. The berries are either found in green or in purple colors upon fruition and that is why, you will find raisins manufacturers in India supplying a variety of raisin qualities. Coming back to the grapes, these require an extended period of harvesting, between the months of March and August each year. A moist and humid climate is great for their optimal growth. Also, grapes can grow in a variety of soils like the sandy loamy soil, red sandy soils and black soils. The raisin production in India takes place mainly in the states of Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  

Preparation of raisins  

Moving forward, to process these grapes into raisins, the common method that is used is ‘drying’. Traditionally, the drying involved here is the typical under the sun drying. Even though this form of drying is ancient but it is still practiced in making raisins to this day. Other than that, thanks to technological innovation, nowadays mechanical dehydrating machines are also used for the purpose of drying by raisins manufacturers in India. Alongside it, chemicals like sulphur dioxide are sprayed on the grape vines to dry the grapefruit. This is a rather new process that is being used for manufacturing grapes. Here, chemical sprays are spritzed on ripe grape bunches, helping vineyard farmers in turning their grape yields into raisins within the comfort of their farmland. As observed, the step of drying involved in the raisin production in India and elsewhere as well, is actually a laborious task. It is done to help reduce the moisture content of the grape fruit and to give the crinkly texture to raisins.  

Types of raisins  

In general, all raisins are small in size, sweet in flavour and wrinkly to touch. The nutritional content of raisins includes sugars, fruit acids like folic acid and mineral salts. Raisins manufacturer in India site that even though the core contents of the raisins from India are similar, they can still be distinguished. They differ in their appearance and taste as well as in their processing method. At Vishaka Raisins, we manufacture eight types of raisins. These are as follows: 

  • Brown Raisins   
  • Industrial Raisins   
  • Birdfeed Raisins   
  • Sangli Golden Raisins   
  • Malaya Raisins   
  • Green Raisins   
  • Black Raisins   
  • Nashik Golden Raisins   


Find the best raisins  

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